FAQ 常見問題

Gofresh FAQ 常問問題

Company mission


Gofresh’s mission is to bring healthy food and spread the knowledge of proper dieting for Taipei eaters, which leads to better physique and healthier lifestyles.

Go Fresh 的公司經營理念是希望將健康的食材帶入大家的日常生活中以及散播正確的健康飲食知識

How to order


Click on the meal box of your choice followed by size (i.e. slim or fit or low carb) and add-on options (i.e. more chicken or beef) then add to your shopping cart.


選擇需要的尺寸(例如 輕量, 正常, 或低澱粉)

選購是否需要將主菜加量 (例如: 肉量增加)


You will have the options to increase the quantity of this meal box at the right side of the screen and also before you check out.

在螢幕右邊, 你可以在購物流程結束前選擇增加個別餐盒數量

Slim vs. Fit vs. Low carb

輕量 vs. 正常 vs. 低澱粉

Slim/Fit refers to the portion of the Gofresh meal box. Slim is the small option and the Fit is the medium option. We recommend Fit for guys. That said, most of our customers have said even the Slim option is able to fill you up and quite satisfying.

輕量/正常 是指Go Fresh 健康餐盒的份量. “輕量”餐盒是最小份量的選擇, “正常”餐盒是中間份量的選擇. 以男生來說, 我們會建議選用 “正常” 份量. 大部份買過的客戶認為, “輕量”餐盒就可以吃飽一餐.

Low carb option is meal box without rice. This is for eaters that are looking to reduce body fat /increase muscle definition therefore wanting to consume less carbohydrates (mostly found in rice).

“低澱粉”選項是沒有含澱粉(麵或米飯)的餐盒. 這是專為想要減體脂肪的客戶而設計的選項.

Delivery location and address input


We deliver to Taipei city and New Taipei city on a daily basis. The first time you input the address. Please enter the city (i.e. Taipei city), area (i.e. Daan), and the street address (i.e. No. 207, Dunhua South Road) into three separate fields.

我們運送範圍涵蓋台北市以及新北市地區. 第一次輸入地址時, 請特別注意將城市, 郵遞區號或區域, 以及街名分開輸入喔! (第一次輸入時會看到三格不同的欄位, 各有註明應該填什麼進去)

This allow us to accurately map your delivery location. If you input city, area and street address into one field, our system could respond with “out-of-range”, which is inaccurate. Your address will be saved on the next order.

這個步驟會幫助我們訂購系統正確的搜尋到您要運送的地點. 但如果您不小心將城市, 區域, 以及街名填寫在同一欄位內, 系統將會ㄧ直停留在搜尋中的狀態或系統會誤判並告知 “不好意思您的指定地址在服務範圍外” .

Delivery time


The last order of the day is set at 18:00 for both lunch and dinner delivery. Our first delivery is from next day 11:30-13:30 followed by 18:00-21:00. This means you can make your orders multiple days ahead to schedule your meals for the week.

每天最晚可以訂餐時間是18:00 前. 當天訂購最快可以選擇隔天收到(中午或晚上). 一天有兩個送餐時段, 中午 (11:30-13:30) 或晚上 (18:00-21:00). 當然您也可以選擇當天點餐然後設定在當週的其他日子(後天或大後天)收到. 或是一次訂購2-3天所需的餐盒一次收到.

However, each order is associated with one delivery time, which means if you want to order for multiple deliveries, these orders need to be made individually. We realize this is an inconvenience to you, hence we are working to improve our system. We will keep you posted as we continue to improve our ordering system. Please stay tuned.

不過因為系統限制的關係, 目前每一次訂購只能選擇一個運送時間. 所以如果您選擇三個餐盒但需要分開不同天收到, 那您必須要分三次訂購並選擇您所需送餐的時間. 諸多不便我們深感歉意, 但我們會持續修正與改進. 盡快讓我們的顧客有更順暢的訂購體驗.

Gofresh meal boxes are designed as a bento-style experience

Go Fresh 健康餐盒是以便當餐盒型式來設計的

Our healthy meal boxes are designed to be cold and able to be reheated with amazing flavors just like fresh out of the kitchen experience. An analogy our customers have said to us is that, Gofresh meal box reminds them of the “bento” that was prepared by their mothers as a child. The lovely bento prepared by mom was great tasting, healthy and re-heatable, therefore they can take it with them anywhere they go.

我們最初健康餐盒是設計以冷藏型態出給顧客, 能讓顧客收到後自行加熱並仍能保有像剛剛從廚房出菜的口感及味道. 我們的客戶比喻說GoFresh餐盒讓他們回憶起小時候媽媽幫他們帶便當的感覺. 小時候媽媽親手準備的便當不僅美味, 健康, 方便帶著去上課, 而且可以再加熱!

Should I choose hot or cold Gofresh meal box


As mentioned Gofresh meal box is designed to be cold, however we realize that busy Taipei lunch eaters would like to eat right away upon receiving Gofresh meal box. Hence for the delivery time between 11:30-13:30 we have defaulted to provide our meal boxes hot and ready-to-eat.

剛剛提到最初我們設計GoFresh便當是希望以冷藏方式提供出貨, 但考量到忙碌的台北上班族在中午大多會希望收到健康餐盒就可以馬上享用. 為體諒顧客以及提供方便性, 我們設定中午時段11:30-13:30 所有收到的訂購餐點皆為熱的健康餐盒, 一收到就可以馬上食用無需再花時間加熱.

We also realize that some of our customers are making an order for multiple meals, which means they would like to store some of the Gofresh meal boxes in the refrigerator for later. By providing cold Gofresh meal boxes the food stays fresher longer for later consumption with less temperature fluctuation.

我們有些顧客會一次訂購多個餐盒以供其他天食用. 這些顧客會將多訂的餐盒保存於冰箱內以供日後食用. 這些顧客會選擇訂購冷藏便當以確保食材新鮮度, 也可以保存比較久(較熱便當) 因為冷藏的便當不會有溫差改變太大而使得食物新鮮度變低的問題.

We suggest that our customers to choose cold option if you intend to store away some of the Gofresh meal boxes and just reheat the one that you want to eat upon receiving. We suggest the lunch deliveries to be consumed right away.

我們有些顧客會一次訂購多個餐盒以供其他天食用. 我們會建議此類顧客選購冷藏便當以確保食物新鮮度. 收到後,只加熱當天所需要食用的餐盒, 其餘的放冰箱保鮮. 另外, 選購中午的熱便當的顧客們, 我們會建議您當餐立即食用完畢.

Hot meals are to be consumed immediately upon receiving (within 20 minutes). If for any reason, the meal cannot be consumed upon receiving, or there are leftovers, please follow proper cooling and heating procedures.

In a well ventilated and cool area, lift up meal box lid and cover loosely to avoid contamination. Let cool to room temperature and refrigerate (under 5°C) Within one hour. Consume within 1 day.

Heat meals by method of choice (microwave, steamer, stove top) until hot throughout (70°C)

When do we cook your meal


Your meals are cooked the same day that is delivered to you just as our name suggests, Gofresh! This is the reason why we asked that you place orders a day before, hence our amazing chefs can prepare the ingredients and cook the day that is being delivered to you.

您們所選購的餐盒, 每個都是運送當天現做的, 就有如我們的名字 GoFresh! 這就是為何我們需要您最晚在一天前下單, 讓我們的主廚有充裕的時間準備食材並在運送當天烹調您所選購的健康餐盒!

Once it is cooked and before delivery, we used professional methods to cool the meal boxes and refrigerated it to keep all the fresh and amazing flavors in the meal box for you.

在每個餐盒烹調結束後與送達給顧客前, 我們採用專業的快速降溫將每個餐盒冷藏以確保食材的美味及鮮度.

Timeframe to consume your meal box

請問我收到餐盒後, 最晚何時需要吃完呢?

For the best taste and food safety, we recommend the cold meal boxes to be consumed within 2 days from receiving them with proper refrigeration. The date stamp on the meal box labels indicate the day we made them. Salads should be consumed within 24 hours. Hot meals should be consumed immediately

以食物的美味及食品安全考量來講, 我們會建議在收到餐盒後馬上放入冰箱冷藏(4°C/40°F) 並在兩天內食用完. 餐盒上的日期標示代表我們製作餐盒的日期. 所有沙拉餐盒請盡量在24小時內吃完. 熱餐盒馬上食用。

How to heat up the meal box


You can heat up the meal boxes with a microwave or a steamer with ease. Our labels provide simple instructions on how to heat up the meal box. Our containers are microwavable so you don’t have to worry. Usually the microwave time is about 1.5-2 mins only, however it does depend on the strength of your microwave. Please remove the sauce containers before reheating the meal box.

您可以用微波爐或用蒸的兩種加熱方式. 餐盒外的標籤有簡易加熱說明可供參考. 我們的餐盒容器是可以安全放入微波爐加熱的, 所以無須擔心! 但是餐盒內醬杯, 醬包是不可以微波加熱的. 請記得微波加熱前先取出. 通常微波爐加熱時間為 1.5-2分鐘即可. 但也會因為您微波爐設定的強度高低而異.

電鍋加熱:從餐盒取出飯菜並到入盤子. 再放入電鍋中,電鍋加入半碗水.


Electric Steamer: Transfer meal out of the box onto a plate.

Place plate inside steamer. Add 1 cup water inside the steamer.

火爐加熱: 從餐盒取出餐點到耐平底鍋

加 2-3 大匙水,蓋上蓋子,中火/中大火加熱。

Stove top: Transfer meal out of the box into a flat bottom pan.

Add 2-3 tablespoons water, cover with a lid and warm on medium

to medium high until heated through.

Recycling and re-using the meal box


Our containers were carefully selected by the Gofresh team to be safe and durable. We love the environment therefore we highly encourage recycling/re-use the containers. The best way to peel off the labels to restore the container is right after you microwave the meal box. While hot, It peels off with ease without leaving any residue or marks.

我們GoFresh 團隊精心選購此款餐盒既安全又耐用. 我們愛地球, 也愛我們居住的環境, 所以我們鼓勵回收/重新使用這些餐盒. 移除標籤貼紙最方便最快的方式是在您微波完畢之後馬上移除標籤. 當餐盒仍有熱度時可輕易移除標籤貼紙並不易留有殘膠.